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Lianna Taylor


Height: 5'6"

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Blue

Location: Berlin, Germany and

               Los Angeles, CA


El Fred               Lead              Adriana Ledesma - Percario Productions

Calamity           Lead              James Tyler Cates – New Hope Pictures
Genius              Supporting   Travis Mauck – TJ Mauck Films
Rachel              Lead               Noah Adams  – Indie Workforce
His & Hers       Lead               Anthony Akiniz – Good Luck Pictures
KIlling Holly     Supporting    Chris Compton – Fifth Floor Productions


Lady Bits                             Various The Second City Hollywood

The Boomerang Effect      Julie      The Odyssey Theatre
Finding Mr. Right               Katie     Bedford Theater
I Ought to be in Pictures  Libby     US Actors Company
Mass Hysteria (sketch)     Various  Pocket Sandwich Theater

TV and New Media

Crazy Bitches                       Series Regular  FilmMcQueen

Sex Sent Me to the E.R.      Guest Star        TLC Network
Haters                                   Guest Star        Changer Galaxy
Libations and Relations     Host                   UBN

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